Similar Dolphin Games

Dolphin Olympics is a very fun game series, no doubt about that. But there are many other cool dolphin games online. Here is a list of few of them :

Dolphin Show 2

This game is very popular as well. In my opinion it is very fun. All you have to do is help the dolphin preform amazing tricks in the air. The instructor will help you with that as well. Just listen carefully to him, and then – using the arrow keys, make the dolphin preform the tricks. At first it will be pretty easy, but later on you will have to preform really hard tricks. Don’t lose hope – it is possible ! The game is not as hard as Dolphin Olympics 2 by the way.




Dolphin Diva Dress Up

This game is great for girls. You have to dress up the dolphin (so cool, right?). There are many different outfits, choose the best looking one. Our dolphin must look amazing, so don’t let him down !



All the games I mentioned above can be played for free online. They are super fun, I like Dolphin Show 2 the most. As you probably noticed, it is the second version, the first one can be played for free as well. There are also some dolphin mobile apps that you can download to your smartphone, but I think playing them on your PC with a big screen is much more fun.

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