Fancy Pants History

Fancy Pants dates back to the year 2006 when the first installment of the game was released. The game series consists of 4 interesting and unique games namely Fancy Pants World 1, Fancy Pants World 2, Fancy Pants World 3 and The Fancy Pants Adventures for console. The desktop versions of the games were developed by Brad Borne whereas the iOS version of the game was jointly developed by Borne Games, Chillingo, and Over the Top Games.

The game series introduces unique set of doodle graphics where everything right from the playable character, background, and props looks like hand drawn sketches. The plot of all the games revolves around the main protagonist Fancy Pants Man who wears a pair of orange colored triangular pants and sports funky spiky hair. All the games are based on side-scrolling 2D platform where player explores the world, fights enemies, and dodges obstacles.

Since the release of the first installment of fancy pants series, there have been tremendous improvements in the game. Below mentioned are some of the improvements noticed in the successive games of Fancy Pants series:

Fancy Pants World 1

This is the first installment of the series and features a cool plot where the player accidentally awakes the giant penguin and needs to defeat him for stay alive. The first game attracted millions of users due to its fresh graphics and entertaining concept.

Fancy Pants 1

Fancy Pants 1

Fancy Pants World 2

The first game lacked the storyline and hence Borne introduced a cute storyline that would keep the users entertained. The background story of Fancy Pants was revealed in this version. Fancy Pants Man is a resident of town Squiggleville where he has to defeat the evil rabbit in order to bring peace to the town. The game features more levels, trophies, and enemies than the previous installments.

Fancy Pants 2

Fancy Pants 2

Fancy Pants World 3

After the amazing reception of the previous versions of Fancy Pants series, Fancy Pants World 3 was released with cool elements. In this game, Fancy Pants Man’s sister Cutie Pants Girl is kidnapped. The game featured new weapons, thick plot, more playable characters, new enemies, combat system, etc. Though the game had everything which was not present in the previous versions but still it was criticized due to the inclusion of weapons.

fancy 3

Fancy Pants 3

Fancy Pants Adventure for Console:

A Console version of the game was introduced for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. The game featured a multiplayer mode where 2 to 4 players can compete in different set of levels. The previous versions of Fancy Pants World 1 and Fancy Pants World 2 were also included in the console version as extras.

The entire game series is extremely popular on the Internet and has been played more than 55 million times. The game enjoys a fair score of 7.5 out of 10 by popular gaming database IGN.

fancy ps


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