Dolphin Olympics 4

As the final version of the Dolphin Olympics games, Dolphin Olympics 4 takes you on a magical adventure through the galaxies in space! Travel from galaxy to galaxy playing against odd creatures and alien water beings to be the Universe’s Champion Olympian! Do you think your dolphin has what it takes?


You begin training your dolphin here on Earth, at a world-famous arena in Orlando, Florida. Your first mission is to train your dolphin to perform two stunts: the backward flip and the double-loop flip. When you feel your dolphin has mastered these skills, travel to Mars to perform your amazing act for the Milky Way’s High Judges. Earn the gold medal and receive 10,000 coins to move on to the next level. Upon landing at each galaxy, you are tasked to learn an additional new trick, then compete in the next competition.

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There are 7 competitions you need to achieve. Each of these competitions resides in a different galaxy. Achieve the gold medal and maximum award money to advance to the next competition and galaxy. Before each competition, train your dolphin in one new trick so that you can really amaze the next set of judges.

Coin Shop

Similarly to the previous version, the coin shop is where you can purchase all kinds of items, accessories, and training equipment for your dolphin. It has three sections: clothing and accessories, dolphin tanks, and training equipment. The clothing and accessories section includes a large variety of wearable items for your dolphin, including outfits, earrings, and necklaces. Wow the judges with an amazing performance – and look great doing it!


The dolphin tanks section offers a wide variety of tanks. Since you will be travelling to new and exotic destinations, outside our comfortable galaxy, you never know what kind of climate you will enter. Purchase and upgrade new tanks for your dolphin so he can live comfortably in these different areas.

The training equipment section offers a larger selection of training equipment. Similar to the previous version, this section also includes helpful props and other fitness equipment to ensure your dolphin can impress the judges with unique performances, while staying fit in unusual living conditions.

Compete Against Your Facebook Friends

Want to test your dolphin’s skills before entering the most important competitions? Now you can! Challenge your Facebook friends to a head to head competition and see who’s dolphin is the best. Win prizes and bragging rights, and use the winnings to advance and improve your dolphin’s skills, outfits, and abilities.

Cheats and Walkthroughs

For players that do not play the game on Facebook, there are many places all over the internet that offer cheat codes and hacks of Dolphin Olympics 4. These cheats include an unlimited amount of coins at the beginning of the game, as well as every galaxy map is unlocked. Unfortunately, these hacks and cheat codes do not work for games that are synced with Facebook.

If you find you are having a difficult time passing a galaxy map, there are several walkthrough videos available on YouTube.

Age Appropriate

This game is suitable for children as young as 6 years old. Children under 6 may find it slightly too difficult to play successfully; however, they will love watching their parents play. Parents, this game does not contain any adult language or graphic images, so feel free to play while your little one’s watch.

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