Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin Olympics 2 is an exciting game of performing tricks to beat the highest score. Its main character is an adorable dolphin that you make perform tricks, jump through hoops, and lead other fish to jump out of the water. Can you beat the high score?

How to Play

Use the left and right arrow key while your dolphin is airborne flips and rolls. Land nose first into the water to receive the “nice entry” bonus! Perform as many tricks to accumulate as many points as possible within 2 minutes.

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Your score is based on the type and number of stunts you perform. Taking off quickly after landing a jump will let you perform combo stunts, which will really let you rack up the score points. Perform as many types of tricks as you can in order to gain speed bonuses and combo multiplier bonuses. At the end of your dolphin’s 2 minutes of fame, the score is tallied. Receive the highest score to have your name placed on the leaderboard.

Advanced Tricks

In Dolphin Olympics 2, there are many more tricks added to your dolphins surprise bag than were previously available. These tricks include those listed in the Advanced Tricks category, and can earn you more score points if successfully performed.

Advanced tricks are slightly harder to do than the basic tricks from the first version of Dolphin Olympics. As in the previous version, you can still perform tailslides by holding the down arrow button as your dolphin approaches the water from underneath; however, now he has learned how to jump out of the water from that trick! To jump out of the water, simply press the up button while tailsliding.

As you may remember from the first version, there are other fish in the water with your dolphin. In this version, those fish are still there, but instead of swimming away from your dolphin or risking getting plunged by him, they will now follow your dolphin as a school of fish, allowing him to lead them out of the water while performing his stunts. Lead as many fish out of the water to earn a “schooling” bonus! Schooling bonuses add more points to your score, as well as give your dolphin a speed bonus.

In addition, another new feature in Dolphin Olympics 2 are the rings. Located above or below the water’s surface, swim through the rings to awe your audience while building more speed and adding more time to the countdown timer.


Super Advanced Tricks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a trick performing dolphin in space? Now you can! Your dolphin can now do Tailslides into space. These stunts have a different name, though, than they do here on Earth. In space, they are called Starsliding, and they increase your “slide boost” which gives you more airtime when you jump out of a tailslide on Earth.


There are many hacks available for Dolphin Olympics 2. These hacks may include starting the game with 100 score points already on the board, more time to perform stunts, and score points earned for each trick you perform is tripled – allowing you to easily make the leaderboard hall of fame.

In addition, there are many YouTube videos available to you as video walkthroughs. So, if you get stuck trying to perform a stunt, check out these videos to learn how!

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