Dolphin Olympics 2 Tips

Dolphin Olympics is a highly addictive, entertaining flash game where the user uses the arrow buttons on his keyboard to make his dolphin perform stunts. Each version of Dolphin Olympics includes new features, levels, maps, and challenges for the player to achieve.

Dolphin Olympics 2 is similar to the original version; featuring a cute dolphin that performs amazing tricks. However, in this version of the series, your dolphin can be schooled with other fish, and lead the other fish out of the water with him. This gives you additional point bonuses, if done successfully. Many of the tricks you could perform during the first version can also be performed in this version.

The tailslide can be peformed in Dolphin Olympics 2. It is much easier to complete this trick, and the steps to complete it are the same as they were in the original. As your dolphin approaches the water surface, press and hold the down button. This will allow your dolphin to perform this trick.

Another popular trick you can perform is the back flip. To do this trick, jump out of the water, then press your left or right arrow button, depending on which way your dolphin is facing. This will send him backwards, and land majestically into the water. Land at a perfect angle with his nose pointing down and slightly to the left or right to get additional points.

Another amazing trick you can make your dolphin do is the corkscrew. To perform the corkscrew, have your dolphin jump out of the water. As he is in the air, press and hold your down arrow button. This will send him into a beautiful spin, completing the corkscrew stunt. You can also make him perform a double corkscrew by jumping high enough out of the water to give him enough time to complete multiple corkscrew spins.

Your dolphin can also perform a front flip. A front flip is completed almost the same way as the back flip is, except in reverse. Make your dolphin jump out of the water, then press the left or right arrow button to make him turn toward the water’s surface. For this stunt, instead of his back being on the underside, facing the water – his belly should be, so that he is looking at it right side up.

All of these performances’ stunt points can have a bonus added to them if you perform them with one or more schools, as well as a perfect landing.

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