Dolphin Olympics 1

Dolphin Olympics is a fun game of skill. Jump high, perform tricks and long-lasting tailslides to score the highest amount of points. Get the highest score, and see your name on the leaderboard!


The graphics are fairly basic. They consist of simple lines, and three main colors. There is some animation in this game, other than the main character, the dolphin, though these graphic animations should not cause any player to experience lag issues.

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How to Play

In Dolphin Olympics, your mission is to score high points by making your dolphin perform tricks. Score as many tricks as you can within two minutes. To score points, land perfect jumps, do nose dives and tailslides. Swim quickly after landing to create combo jumps. When you approach the water at a low angle, press the down arrow button to perform a tailslide.


In this flash game, use your arrow buttons to perform stunts and tricks.

  • Up arrow: Accelerate dolphin’s speed
  • Down arrow: Roll
  • Left arrow: Turn left
  • Right arrow: Turn right


Your score is based on five types of points. When you jump high, your score for your stunts increases. Staying in the air for a long jump adds to your total score. When you come down from the air, try to splash as big as you can. A big splash improves your score greatly! Tailslides also add to your score. Perform tailslides as long as possible to rack up the points. Finally, swim quickly to add even more score points. All of these points are totaled together to give you your final score. Scoring high enough in all of these areas will allow you to have your name on the leaderboard!


Cheats and Hacks

While there are no cheat codes for Dolphin Olympics, there is an amazing hack available! Start the game of easier with 100 free points. In addition, for every trick you perform, you gain triple the points. Plus you can play twice as long!


Are you stuck? Can’t seem to earn many points? No problem! There are plenty of walkthroughs available all over the net! Including on YouTube! Check them out and see what tricks the expert gamers have learned to do!

Appropriate Age

Dolphin Olympics is a flash browser game that is fun to play. It contains no adult language or graphic images, which makes it appropriate for children and adults of all ages.

However, young children may find the controls a little too difficult to master. While this game can be a great teaching tool for children with fine motor skill issues, the key controls require some dexterity. Some children may find it too difficult to use the controls, and become frustrated. Parents, please play the game first to ensure it is appropriate for your child.

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