Dolphin Olympics 1 Tips

Dolphin Olympics 1 features a cute dolphin as the main character. Use your up, down, left and right arrow buttons to make the dolphin swim and perform tricks. There are many tricks he can perform; it is up to you to figure out what they are.

One of the most basic tricks your dolphin can perform is the tailslide. To perform a tailslide, press and hold the down arrow button as your dolphin approaches the top of the water. This will cause your dolphin to become erect, flipping his tail fin back and forth to keep him vertical to perform the tailslide stunt.


You can also make your dolphin perform a backflip. This trick is quite easy to perform; simply press the up button to make your dolphin jump out of the water. While he is out of the water, press your right or left arrow button (depending on which direction your dolphin is already facing), to make him do a complete backflip and land nose down into the water.

Additionally, another trick he can do is the corkscrew. To perform a corkscrew trick, make your dolphin jump out of the water, then press and hold the down button. This will make the dolphin spin in the air before landing in the water. Make him spin more than once to perform a double corkscrew. Complete this trick, and land in the water at a perfect angle, nose down, to receive a “nice entry” trick bonus.

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