Dolphin Olympics 3

If you have enjoyed the previous versions of Dolphin Olympics, then you will love Dolphin Olympics 3. In this version, you to train your dolphin to perform multiple tricks, then compete against other Olympians for the silver, bronze, and gold trophies.

Stage One – Training Day

As you begin your quest with your award winning dolphin, you enter a training camp to begin teaching your dolphin a new trick. Since, during the previous versions of the game, your dolphin was capable of performing a tailslide and leading other fish out of the water as a school, these tricks will do nothing but bore your audience and judges in this series.

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It’s time to get serious, and start practicing more serious tricks.The first trick you need to teach your dolphin is to jump out of the water and perform a single-loop flip. As you learn new tricks, you will compete against other trainers and dolphins to earn lavish prizes and trophies.

Stage Two – Competition

Once your dolphin has mastered a trick at training camp, you move on to the competition ring, where your dolphin will go head to head against other dolphins to win the grand prize – 5,000 coins and a beautiful gold trophy. If your dolphin isn’t quite good enough to receive the grand prize, he may be able to get the silver or bronze prize. By achieving the Bronze trophy, you will also receive 1,000 coins. If you win the Silver trophy, you and your dolphin will receive 3,000 coins. These coins can then be used in the Coin Shop to purchase additional training equipment.

Stage Three – Travel the World

In order to travel to the next competition destination, you need to have won the gold medal in each location. Your journey begins in Australia. Win the gold medal to journey to France, China, Miami, Florida, and many other scenic places around the world.


Coin Shop

The coin shop has many things you can purchase with your coin winnings. It is divided into three main categories: dolphin clothing, dolphin tanks, and dolphin training equipment. In the dolphin clothing section, you can purchase new outfits for your dolphin to wow the audience and judges during competitions. Since your score is also based on fashion, you will want to purchase the most affordable, but extravagant outfit you can.

In the dolphin tanks section, you can purchase larger tanks for your dolphin to live and train in. The dolphin equipment section allows you to buy additional equipment to help you train your dolphin to be a World Winning Dolphin Olympian. These items may be inexpensive and small, such as beach balls and hoops, or they can be massive and expensive, such as weight benches to help your dolphin strengthen his tail fin to swim faster and longer.


There is a total of 10 tricks your dolphin can learn. Each trick is associated with the competition destination. So, in order to begin training on a new trick, you must first win the gold trophy in the previous competition.



Unlike the previous version, in Dolphin Olympics 3, you have many more controls to use and learn.

  • Left arrow – swim left
  • Right arrow – swim right
  • Up arrow – swim to the surface
  • Down arrow – swim to the tank floor
  • Number 1 through 0 buttons – perform stunts
  • Space bar – jump out of water


Age Appropriate

Although Dolphin Olympics 3 does not contain any adult language or inappropriate images, which would make it suitable for most children to play; we recommend parents help children play this game due to its complexity. There are many steps and challenges involved in playing Dolphin Olympics 3, so children under the age of 6 may find it difficult to play. You can find more dolphin games on our website, many of them are suitable for everyone.


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